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Water Power Activity

Water Power - PreK to Gr. 3
Evaporation, Condensation, Preciptation!

Every day, the sun draws billions of gallons of water up from the sea by the process of evaporation into the air where it condenses into clouds. In time these clouds shower the water back to earth, also known as precipitation, where it flows down again to the sea. Mill wheels placed alongside that flow can produce wonderful, clean energy, as can generators below high dams.

Follow the Path in the Water Cycle Maze
This Water Cycle picture and maze shows how water moves in a cycle from the ocean and back to the ocean again. If you start with a drop of water in the ocean, you can see that it is warmed by the sun, rises as vapor to form clouds. When the clouds move and become colder, the vapor becomes heavy and drops as rain or snow. The moisture forms into lakes and rivers which flow back into the ocean. Begin where the arrow is labeled, Start Here. Follow the path of the Water Cycle through the maze to the arrow which is labeled, End Here. You can draw the water path in red and then color the picture.

watercycle maze

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