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Literature Circles Reading Strategy Lesson Plans Build Reading Comprehension for Elementary and Middle School
Literature Circles lesson plans support the ELA Common Core Standards in English Language Arts

Enhance your English Language Arts lesson plans with YouTube videos from our YouTube Channel.


Reading Lesson Plans

Reading Lesson Plans E-booklets combine language arts reading activities, lesson plans, drama, word play games, and story elements for reading in grade 4 - grade 8.

These middle school reading lesson plans give you 30 days of step-by-step reading lessons for Literature Circles Book Club reading groups, a fun reading curriculum for elementary/middle school. Teach important reading skills and reading strategies while capitalizing on elementary and middle school students' desire to be social all the time. Lit circles is a great way to reach struggling readers. These reading units make implementing lit circles in your classroom fun and easy!

Download the PDF files for the reading lesson plans Teacher's Guide and Student Booklets, duplicate the booklets for all of your students, and use the reading lesson plans over and over again each semester in your reading program.

Literature Circles Book Club Roles

Beginning Lit. Circles Book Clubs

Reading Lessons Book Club Tasks

literature circles task
Literature Circles Discussion Leader

literature circles role
Literature Circles Question Writer

reading lesson plans e-booklets

lit circle role
Literature Circles Passage Reader

lit circles role
Literature Circles Word Finder

Literature Circles Book Club Tasks

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Literature Circles Book Club Roles

Reading Lesson Plans

Reading Lesson Plans

Literature Circles Friendship unit

Friendship Book Clubs unit

Literature Circles Friendship unit

The Friendship Book Clubs unit is the second in our series of Literature Circles Book Club e-booklets.

reading lesson plans
reading and writing lesson plans
friendship reading lesson plans
reading aloud lesson plans
reading buddies lesson plans

Write letters to Pen Pals
Literature Circles Reading Lessons

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Read books with little Book Buddies
Literature Circles Reading Lessons

Encourages students to read.

World theme Book Clubs unit

Gets students to talk about books.

The Book Clubs - Around the World unit is the third in our series of Literature Circles Book Club e-booklets.

Literature Circles Lessons pic
Literature Circles World Books
Literture Circles Lesson Plans
Literature Circles World Books
Literature Circles Lessons pic

Ensures a well -rounded literacy experience for students.

Buy both e-booklets for $7.95

Helps students make connections between their lives and lives of others.

Buy electronic booklets now. Download the PDF files immediately. Print copies for all of your students.

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Literature Circles Guided Lesson Plans Reading Strategy for Elementary School and Middle School