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Literature Circles Reading Strategy Lesson Plans Build Reading Comprehension for Elementary and Middle School
Literature Circles lesson plans support the ELA Common Core Standards in English Language Arts

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Book Buddies

Reading Buddies - Book Buddies is a fun cross age tutoring program in many elementary schools.

Elementary school book buddy programs pair upper elementary students with a youger buddy. Book Buddy programs use cross-age tutoring to give older students confidence as they practice reading aloud to their reading buddy in a primary classroom. reading lesson plans and middle school reading lesson plans include reading buddies lessons to make My Book about Books.

Teacher's guide shows how big buddies work one-on-one with little buddies. Download the free reading activities with 3 pages of book buddies reading lessons and language arts activities. Use these plans for cross-age tutoring or reading buddies programs. Big Buddies help Little Buddies to write a few sentences or draw a picture about books they read together.

Book Buddies Reading Lessons

Big buddies gain confidence in themselves as readers while learning to identify key elements of fiction.

Little buddies have a chance to try out new reading and writing skills in a small group setting.

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3 pages of Reading Buddies Activities,
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Reading Buddies Activity Sheets

Page 1-Teacher's Guide

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Page 2-Student Activity Sheet

book buddies activities

craft instructions for making My Book

My Book about Books

Page 3- Reading Buddies Craft

Literature Circles Book Clubs

Reading Lesson Plans - Literature Circles Book Clubs: Grades 4 through 8

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Literature Circles Guided Lesson Plans Reading Strategy for Elementary School and Middle School