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Literature Circles Reading Strategy Lesson Plans Build Reading Comprehension for Elementary and Middle School
Literature Circles lesson plans support the ELA Common Core Standards in English Language Arts

Enhance your English Language Arts lesson plans with YouTube videos from our YouTube Channel.


Literature Circles

Reading Lesson Plans for Literature Circle groups show how reading lesson plans are used with literature circles book clubs to create reading programs for teaching reading lessons that really help kids learn how to read and build reading comprehension. Literature Circles are a fun way to engage your students in reading, communicating and building a life long love of books. These reading strategy lesson plans are designed for literature circle groups in elementary school, middle school and homeschool reading programs. These reading lesson plans will help teachers meet new ELA common core standards.

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Literature Circles group lesson plans, language arts worksheets, free reading activities, printables, wordplay games, Reading Buddies lesson plans for K-8, story elements, plus drama and craft activities are combined into electronic-booklets with 30 days of step-by-step reading lesson plans. This reading strategy can be part of your common core curriculum and provides reading lesson plans in PDF form to download for literature circles book clubs, teacher's guides, and student electronic booklets featuring 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade literature circles groups reading lesson plans. Everything you need to run Lit Circles in your classroom is included, such as worksheets, literature circles roles, mini-lessons, except the actual books. Literature lists, reading lists of suggested titles is included, most of which are inexpensive paper backs or available in your school or public library.

Literature Circles Books - Around the World theme unit

Reading Lesson Plans-Lesson Plans for Reading-Plans for Reading
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This theme unit will help teachers of social studies meet common core standards while helping students answer:
what is reading comprehension.

Reading Lesson Plans provide electronic-booklets with language arts activities, drama, word play games,
and story elements. The reading lesson plans give you 30 days of step-by-step reading lesson plans
for Literature Circles Book Club groups, an elementary school and middle school reading lessons strategy.

Teach important reading skills while capitalizing on elementary and middle school students' desire to be social all the time. The reading lesson plans Teacher's Guide and reading lesson plans Student Booklet have a total of 65 pages,
detailing 30 days of reading lesson plans, for $7.95. You can download the PDF file to your computer,
duplicate the booklets for all of your students, and use the reading lesson plans over and over again each semester.


Literature Circles-Literature Circles Groups-Literature Circles-Lit. Circles
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Literature Circles now engage the interests of many millions of school children and their enthusiastic teachers. The concept behind Literature Circles--small student-led groups discussing books they have chosen for themselves.

The following analysis of literature circles reading groups includes links to literature circles resources and details how students use all the language arts-written, spoken, and visual-in the critical analysis of what they have read when participating in Literature Circles Book Clubs.


Literature Circles Role for Students in Literature Circles Groups-Teaching Literature Circles Reading Lesson Plans
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The Literature Circles role describes student tasks for Literature Circles Groups in this Teacher's Guide for Beginning Literature Circles Book Clubs--a reading strategy using small student-led groups to teach reading lesson plans with student roles and tasks.

The Teacher's Guide for Beginning Literature Circles Book Clubs presents a Weekly Format for reading lesson plans with literature circle roles and tasks to engage student interest. You can view thumbnails of the 34 pages below.


Language Arts Activities-Literature Circles Reading Groups Task Roles- Reading Lessons
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Beginning Literature Circles Book Clubs Student Booklets are filled with language arts activities and tasks for the literature circle roles: Discussion Leader, Question Writer, Passage Reader, Word Finder.

Students enjoy the freedom of reading self selected novels; they like talking to their peers about subjects that really matter to them; and they appreciate the many opportunities provided by the various reading lesson plan activities in the Book Clubs to explore novels in the mode of learning that suits them best. You can view thumbnails of the 31 pages below.


Guided Reading Lesson Plans - Lessons for Guided Reading - Teacher's Reading Guide
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New! Teacher’s Guide to Friendship Book Clubs features guided reading lesson plans, a reading strategy for elementary and middle school classrooms.

Guided Reading Lessons include 30 days of easy to follow step-by-step reading strategy lesson plans for teaching guided reading lessons. Students enjoy reading self selected novels; they like talking to their peers about subjects that really matter to them, and they enjoy the activities as they follow the guided reading lesson activities in the 32 pages from the Friendship Book Clubs Teacher’s Guide.


4th Grade Reading Lessons- 5th Grade- 6th Grade- 7th Grade- 8th Grade Reading Lessons
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New! Friendship Book Clubs - Literature Circles lesson plans in the student booklet are filled with activities for 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade reading lesson plans.

Friendship Book Clubs student booklets include activities for Book Buddies,
pen pals, drama, games, and crafts. View 34 pages for Literature Circles Friendship Book Clubs Student Booklet reading lesson plans as shown below.


Literature Circles Lesson Plans - Literature Circle Lesson Plan Books
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New! Literature Circles Lesson Plans for Books with stories set in countries Around the World has additional components to ensure a well-rounded literacy experience for students by integrating language arts and social studies instruction.

Literature Circles World theme unit Book Clubs is designed to help students make important connections between their own lives and the lives of others that they read about. Teachers and parents are amazed at the large number of books students choose to read during this unit. Includes a list of sample books and tells how to select books.


Literature Circles Lessons - Literature Circle Lesson Books
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New! Literature Circles - World theme unit Book Clubs
Lessons provided in the Student Booklet have five great components.

Word Play Games,
Reading Strategy Lessons,
Professor Graticule Essays and Try It Out,
End of Book Projects,
and Book Club Meetings.


Free Reading Lesson Plans Printable Lessons for Reading Free Plans for Reading Lessons
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Links to downloads for free PDF literature circles reading lesson plans and reading activity worksheets:
5 pages: reading_lesson_plans.pdf
4 pages: activity_worksheets.pdf
3 pages: book_buddies.pdf

Literature circles mini lesson plans for book club groups combine book discussions, story elements, plot sequence, journal writing, word play games, and drama to help students explore novels and literature using printable, free literature circle lessons.

Download free printable literature circles lesson plans with story elements, literature circles worksheets, Book Buddies reading lessons, literature circles response journal, and read the article, "Why Literature Circles?"


Free - Reading Activities Worksheets-Free Reading Worksheets-Printable Reading Activities Worksheets
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Download Reading activities worksheets- 4 free pages - a Free PDF file.

Free Reading Activity Worksheets. Printable Reading Worksheets include teachers' guides and student reading activities worksheets for grades 4-5-6-7-8. Download free reading activity worksheets.

Reading Activities - Students work to brainstorm reasons to discuss books.
Language Arts Lesson - Students gain an appreciation for the goals of reading.
Reading Worksheets - Students discover the reading interests of their peers.


Free - Elementary School Reading Lesson Plans-Middle School Reading Lesson Plans for Book Buddies
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Download Reading Buddies Activities-3 free pages - a Free PDF file.

Reading Buddies - Book Buddies:
Elementary school reading lesson plans and middle school reading lesson plans include reading buddies activity lessons, a teacher's reading lessons guide, student activity sheets showing how big buddies work one-on-one with little buddies, and craft instructions for making My Book about Books.

Download the free buddies reading activities with 3 pages of book buddies reading lesson plans and language arts activities. Use these plans for cross-age tutoring or reading buddies programs. Big Buddies help Little Buddies to write a few sentences or draw a picture about books they read together.


Free - Literature Circles Mini Lesson Plans-Literature Circles Reading Groups-Literature Circles Book Clubs
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Download Free literature circles reading lesson plans -5 free pages - a free PDF file.

Free Literature Circles mini reading lesson plan with story elements includes a story to discuss, story elements, a teacher's guide, and crafts for a literature circle reader's journal. Download 3 days of free reading lesson plans and literature circle group activities.

Reading Activities - Students make Reading Response Journals.
Language Arts Lesson - Students read and discuss Story Elements and the Story.
Reading Strategy - Students write in Journals, a personal response to reading

The purpose of reading lesson plans, journal craft, Story Elements
and "Dinner Time" story is to:
1. Make Reading Response Journals.
2. Review the elements of fiction.
3. Write in the Response Journals.

Reading Lesson Plans Literature Circles Lesson Plan e-booklets Reading Lesson Plans
book_club e-booklet pages

Click the "Buy Now!" button to purchase Literature Circles Book Clubs electronic booklets using our
secure shopping cart. Each 65 to 66 page unit includes both the Teacher's Guide and the Student Booklet.

Students love the Reading Lesson Plans Literature Circles Book Clubs e-booklets and the 5 components of the step-by-step guided lesson plans: Word Play Games - Reading Strategy Mini-Lessons - Drama Days - Journal Writing - End-of-Book Projects.


Links to Literature Circles Articles- Literature Circles Resources- Lit. Circles Education Sites- Lit. Circles Directories
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Links to literature circles resources, guides to reading education sites and directories plus listings for government agencies, and teacher resources for our A+ Best Sites list.

A general discussion of literature circles, an e-mail discussion network, ten best sites dealing with literature circles, and literature circle classroom practices.


Literature Circles Groups Reading Lesson Plans Forum
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Ask Kari Teacher Talk Questions and Comments Forum. Reading Lesson Plans and History Lesson Plans for Elementary and Middle School - 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th Grades

Literature Circles Reading Lesson Plans Forum - U. S. History Lesson Plans Differentiated Instruction Forum

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Literature Circles Guided Lesson Plans Reading Strategy for Elementary School and Middle School