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Project Based Learning, Differentiated Instruction: Asia, Europe, Africa and American-US History
Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts are supported by the literacy activities in these lessons.

Differentiated Learning p.1-34
Differentiated Learning p.35-62
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Free U.S. history lesson from
Investigating American History Westward Expansion unit of study

Examine the Facts Worksheets: Examine the Facts worksheets provide students with an opportunity to organize their growing knowledge on a topic.

These charts, tables, and diagrams will help students take their thinking to higher levels as they compare and categorize, sort and organize, apply and imagine, and arrange and evaluate information.Students use the Facts worksheets while working on their Investigations.

Westward Expansion Graphic Organizer
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US History Lesson Plan

U. S. History

Differentiated Instruction Learning Styles Key for Differentiated Learning Investigations

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