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Project Based Learning, Differentiated Instruction: Asia, Europe, Africa and American-US History
Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts are supported by the literacy activities in these lessons.

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Social Studies

Africa & Europe
- Lessons
Asia - Lessons

US-American History

Lessons - Beringia to Civil War
Free - Lessons and Worksheets

Social Studies Project Based Learning

US History and Africa-Europe-Asia World Social Studies lessons projects
feature self-directed research tasks.

Project Based Learning, or PBL, is more than a great teaching strategy. Its a whole, new way to think about your teaching, student learning and the curriculum. Rather than teacher driven, your classroom becomes student centered. Projects form the basis for deep learning about what interests students. PBL ensures that your classroom is differentiated to meet the needs of all learners. Our world studies lessons differentiate the learning instruction in the lesson activities by providing individual tasks and investigations for differentiated learning styles.

The electronic booklets feature essays, guiding questions, fact sheets, worksheets, individual tasks and assessment guides/ assessment rubrics.

Task Cards and Investigations let students identify the type of tasks they most enjoy, the ones most likely to lead to successul, self-directed learning experiences.

Investigating American Historyfrom Beringia to the Civil War - Gr 4-8

Investigating the World
Africa and Europe - Gr 6-10

New! Investigating the World
Asia - Gr 6-10

American History
Africa and Europe History
Asia Lesson

Buy 62 page e-booklet for $7.95

Buy e-booklet pair for $7.95

Buy e-booklet pair for $7.95

Differentiated Learning Styles match tasks to student's interests and modes of learning.

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Download the PDF files for the electronic booklets, duplicate the essays, worksheets, and investigation worksheets for all of your students. Use the world social studies and history lessons over and over again each semester. Investigations encourage individual students to work to their best ability through “choose your challenge level” activities. Investigations included for each unit are designed to meet the needs of students with a range of learning styles and abilities.

Differentiated Learning Instruction is central to the lessons in the electronic-booklets,
Investigating American History and Investigating the World: Africa, Europe, and Asia.
Download the PDF files immediately. Print copies for all of your students.


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