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Teach core democratic values with primary source docs, read alouds, project based learning activities & art lessons.
Common Core State Standards are supported by the English Language Arts activities in these lessons.


Ten Democratic Values Lessons

Common Good
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Pursuit of Happiness

American Democracy Lesson: Diversity

  Ten Core Democratic Values
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Warm-up - Musical Moment
Read Aloud - Picture Book from your library or bookstore
Explore Democratic Values: Think-Pair-Share
and Document Analysis
Think Piece essay - Discussion of Diversity
Pencil Power - Is diversity an important democratic value?
Art Connection activities - Body Art - Black Line Design

DOCUMENT ANALYSIS SAMPLE: Pass out document sets (A-D, pages 9-12) to groups of 3-4 students and the Document Analysis worksheets (pages 13, 14, 15). Remind them to examine the documents carefully before they begin.

Purchase and download the electonic-booklet in PDF file format. Print copies for your assistants and the students in your classroom. Use the Core Democratic Values lesson plans year after year.

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Nadia’s Hands,

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Diversity, a Core Democratic Values lesson plan. View thumbnails for pages 1 to 19 below:

Lesson Plan pages

1 Diversity

2 Table
of Contents

3 A few words
from Kari

4 The components of the lesson plans

5 Day 1
and Day 2

6 Teacher's answer sheet for page 14

7 Ten Core Democratic Values

8 Picture Books for Big Kids - ISBNs

9 Primary source Document A

10 Primary source Document B

11 Primary source Document C

12 Primary source Document D

13 Cover: Student Activities pages

14 Diversity Document Analysis

15 Analysis Conclusions

16 Diversity
Think Piece

17 Diversity
Pencil Power

Get the book
for "Read Aloud"

at your library,
your bookstore,
or check

Nadia’s Hands
by Karen English and
Jonathan Weiner

18 Pencil Power Assessment Guide

19 Black Line
Body Art

The Core Democratic lesson plans are electronic booklets in PDF format so you can download the files to your hard drive. You can print copies of the teacher's information pages and duplicate the Student Activities pages, documents, and worksheets for all of your students. Use the Core Democratic Values Lesson Plans over and over again each semester.

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American core democratic values lesson plans for interdisciplinary activities
in social studies and history classrooms. Teach core democratic values with read alouds,
primary source documents, and integrated art lessons - Grades 5 to 8
Fully aligned with the new Common Core State Standards.