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Teach core democratic values with primary source docs, read alouds, project based learning activities & art lessons.
Common Core State Standards are supported by the English Language Arts activities in these lessons.


Ten Democratic Values Lessons

Common Good
Free Pages
Pursuit of Happiness

Democratic Values

Core Democratic Values lesson plans engage students in grades 5-10,
in critical analysis of the values of American democracy.

  Ten Core Democratic Values
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Our Core Democratic Values units provide step-by-step lesson plans with worksheets and teaching resources to engage your students in a deep investigation of each of the democratic values shown below. Each unit uses a carefully selected picture book to set the stage for learning.

American classrooms are growing more diverse and shared readings, especially of picture books, can be one powerful method for creating the social bond essential to learning. View the Picture Books for Big Kids to read aloud with these lesson plans for Core Democratic Values.

Lifedemocratic value life

Libertydemocratic value liberty

Justicedemocratic value justice




of Happiness



Common Good



pursuit of happiness


popular sovereignty

common good

Picture Books for Big Kids is the "Read Aloud" component in the Core Democratic Values lesson plans.

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Kari, our resident teacher, has identified ten exceptional children's picture books which engage students in asking themselves important questions about what it means to be an American and what both our rights and responsibilities are as Americans. The picture books are not included with the core democratic values lesson plans but are available at your library and at local or online bookstores.

To locate books, click to download this PDF file showing titles, authors, and ISBNs.

The Core Democratic Values lesson plans are electronic booklets in PDF format. You can download the files to your hard drive and print copies of the teacher's information pages and duplicate the Student Activities pages, documents, and worksheets for all of your students. Use the Core Democratic Values lesson plans over and over again each semester.

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American core democratic values lesson plans for interdisciplinary activities
in social studies and history classrooms. Teach core democratic values with read alouds,
primary source documents, and integrated art lessons - Grades 5 to 8
Fully aligned with the new Common Core State Standards.