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Lesson Plans for Preschool Kindergarten

Fun lesson plans for language arts, math, social studies and science.
Lesson plans for preschool and K-8 classrooms, complete units are great for homeschoolers!

Our lessons are aligned with Common Core Standards. What are Common Core Standards? Click here to find out more!

Preschool Theme Week: Spring

Preschool lesson plans for "Spring" focus on Humpty Dumpty and the children's well-loved
classic Mothergoose nursery rhyme for a week of fun-filled kindergarten and preschool lessons and activity.

Preschool Theme Week lesson plans

Humpty Dumpty Theme Week
includes 5 days of step-by-step lesson plans,humpty dumpty activities, animal games, nursery songs, snack ideas, and easy craft ideas which explore a favorite rhyme and look at shapes, nature, and puzzles in the PDF electronic e-booklet. You can preview the content in the thumbnails of the 40 pages shown below.

Thumbnails of the 40 pages are shown below.




4-Daily Format

5 & 6 - Explorations Stations

7-Begin Day 1

8-Cont Day 1

9-Games-Day 1

10-Finish Day 1

11-Begin Day 2

12-Cont. Day 2

13-Games-Day 2

14-Finish Day 2

15-Begin Day 3

16-Cont. Day 3

17-Finish Day 3

18-Begin Day 4

19- Cont. Day 4

20-Finish Day 4

21-Begin Day 5

22-Cont. Day 5

23-Games-Day 5

24-Finish Day 5

25-Activity Sheet


27-28-29-Big Humpty Dumpty for Pillow and Poster.


31-Craft Shapes

32-Finger Puppets

33-Animal Games

34-Animal Games

35 & 36-Cotton Ball Birds Easy Craft

When you purchase and download the FunLessonPlans Theme Weeks, you can print as many teacher information or activity sheets as you need for your teachers and students. Use the the lesson plans over and over again each year.

37 & 38-PrintMe FoldMe Books



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